Yacon Syrup: Getting This Gem Into Your Everyday Diet

I’ve been concentrating my research efforts onto the latest craze in the diet world; yacon syrup. Made from the concentrated and evaporated liquid of the South American yacon vegetable, the syrup is a low-GI sugar substitute that doesn’t play havoc with your blood sugar levels, due to its high concentration of fructooligosaccharides (FOS).

It has also been shown to help lose weight in a couple of studies, and reduce appetite by its ability to control our hunger hormone, ghrelin. For more information about the numerous health benefits of this syrup, please check out my Yacon Syrup Health Benefits article.

So just how can you work this into your diet?

Many people are starting to take the syrup daily, one teaspoon an hour before meals, and see the benefits. But there are also a large number of people that use the syrup, which is heavy and strong like molasses, into their recipes in place of sugar.

Here are just some of the ways in which you can incorporate it into your meals, if you don’t fancy taking a spoonful throughout the day:

It can be a bit expensive though, if you’re substituting for sugar. You need less (around ¾ cup of yacon syrup per cup of sugar), and if you’re substituting yacon for sugar in your favorite recipes, reduce the wet ingredients by 2tbs, a tip offered by myrealfoodlife.com.

So there you go – my favorite recipes as well as some advice on using yacon syrup in baking. Please do share your recipes or provide feedback on any of the above that you try, I’d love to hear your success stories!

Best wishes, Michelle.

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