Want to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract? Where To Buy And What To Look For!

Hello! A very warm welcome back to my series of articles focused on wonder supplement Green Coffee Bean! Following on from my extended review of Green Coffee Bean, my articles on Green Coffee Bean Side Effects and How Green Coffee Beans work, this latest article has been researched and shared so that you can be assured of the best quality GCB.

All Green Coffee Beans are not created equal!

It’s important that you know exactly what to look for when buying Green Coffee Bean Extracts, so that you can get the maximum benefits, whether that’s weight loss, more energy or a better functioning liver.

Despite being a natural product, there are still varying degrees of quality. As a rule of thumb, always buy the best that you can afford and research reviewer comments before choosing. Here’s a quick checklist to help you buy the best supplement for optimum results:

  • Choose a 400mg supplement and take 3 times a day, the optimum amount according to our friend Dr Oz, although it’s worth noting that in the human trial (see my Benefits of Green Coffee Bean article), the high level of dosage was 1050mg per day
  • Look for a supplement that contains at least 50% chlorogenic acid
  • Buy a reputable brand and always do your homework first, reading online reviews
  • Look for GCA (Green coffee antioxidant) or Svetol on the label
  • Look for a sign showing it was produced in an FDA certified lab
  • Buy organic when possible
  • Look for fillers or artificial ingredients and avoid!
  • Never be tempted to take more than you should, guidelines are there for a reason and if you take more than you should, you may suffer unpleasant side effects. Less is more.

So where do I buy Green Coffee Bean extract?

Now I’m not selling any brand, so I’m offering you an unbiased opinion. For me, when I go to buy a supplement like Green Coffee Bean, African Mango, Chia Seeds or anything of that nature, there are two things I look for:

  1. That it fulfills the necessary minimum requirements for its category (in the GCB class, for example, this is at least 50% chlorogenic acid)
  2. That it has received positive reviews more frequently than not, using Amazon and checking for bona fide purchasers (look for the Amazon Certified Purchase under the name)

There are a ton of places you can buy Green Coffee Bean, Walmart is one of the more popular places and has had some very positive reviews. Other brands that I would select would be:

As with any supplements, they may work better for some than for others. If you’re considering a purchase, try a forum on the subject, such as SparkPeople, Fitday.com, wedding forums or even bodybuilding or training forums. You can chat to other people or just read their experiences.

Ready to try it? Opt for one with a money back guarantee and be wary of signing up for auto shipments, some reviewers have been stung by non-existent customer service or returns policies and covert billing methods. Always take care people!

I hope this has helped you learn what to look for in the best Green Coffee Bean supplements. Got a story to share? We’d love to hear from you, please post your comments or stories below. Until the next time! Michelle.

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