How Do I Reverse My Tinnitus?

Most people think Tinnitus has no cure, but the truth is people have been using natural remedies to completely rid themselves of this awful condition for many years now. The sad part is, you’re not going to hear about these methods from your doctor! No one knows exactly what causes the disease, and although it is not life threatening, it is very serious, and can completely wreck your quality of life. Because of that, it has a number of consequences and complications.

Most medical doctors and health professionals will try to help you treat the condition, and many people believe it is just something that you “have to learn to live with” but this isn’t always the case. You should start however by trying to minimize your tinnitus.

First of all, you need to understand that Tinnitus affects a lot of people. In fact, fully 10% of the world’s population has Tinnitus. With no official “medical”cure for this disease, many people previously were left with just trying to effectively manage it. While the exact causes of the condition are currently unknown, we do know that the following can cause or contribute to the condition:

-> Changes to the bones of the inner ear
-> Earwax blockages
-> Exposure to loud noises (note that this can be either a one-time, sudden event, or longer term, continuous exposure)
-> Age (for many people, hearing problems begin around age 60)

In order to effectively manage Tinnitus, you need to be able to identify your triggers. There will be certain things that make your tinnitus worse, and until you know exactly what those things are, you will be unable to avoid them. The first step then, is to pay attention to what’s going on around you when your Tinnitus suddenly worsens, then, begin avoiding your triggers.

There is at least some evidence that both smoking and caffeine contribute to making Tinnitus worse, so if you smoke or drink caffeinated drinks regularly, cutting out both will almost certainly lessen your symptoms. Also bear in mind that there are at least eight different medications that list “ringing in the ears” as being among their side effects. If you are on any medications, and this is one of the side effects, talk to your doctor about switching to a different drug that performs the same function.

Another important factor in terms of managing your Tinnitus is diet. In order to limit your symptoms, you’re going to want to limit your intake of salt, sugar, sugar substitutes and MSG. Perhaps the best way to absolutely minimize your symptoms would be to adopt the Mediterranean Diet, which is known the world over as being extremely healthy and good for you, regardless of your health or what medical conditions you may have.

Getting sufficient rest is critical too, although this is something of a two-edged sword. Getting proper rest will reduce the severity of your Tinnitus symptoms, but it may seem impossible to get good rest with the constant ringing in your ears. This can be combatted and reduced by meditating and by introducing a soothing background noise into the silence. In this case, just use whatever you find appealing. For some that might be the sound of the surf. For others, it’s waterfalls, or rainstorm sounds. Experiment and find something that soothes and relaxes you to help you get better sleep and block out the ringing.

Managing your Tinnitus isn’t hard, but it does take at least some work and attention to detail. However, if you want to completely get rid of Tinnitus, you’re going to need to know more! I stumbled upon something that completely got rid of my Tinnitus, and since then, I’ve helped thousands of other people get rid of Tinnitus for good!

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