Green Coffee Bean: What Are The Side Effects and Contraindications?

Hello and a very warm welcome back to my articles focusing on new wonder supplement, Green Coffee Bean (GCB) extract!

You may have already read my extended Green Coffee Bean Extract review or researched for yourself using my What To Look For And Where To Buy article, well this article is something that you MUST read before taking GCB: What are the Side Effects of Green Coffee Beans?

But Green Coffee Beans Are All Natural, How Can There Be Side Effects?

Yep, green coffee beans are just unroasted coffee beans, so they should be natural right? Wrong. In the same way that coffee affects people in different ways, so do GCBs. It’s therefore very important to read the following guidelines; if in doubt, always check with your physician before adding any supplement to your diet.

Typical side effects

Read any mix of reviews and typical side effects you´ll read about include:

  • Jittery, like a big caffeine boost
  • Diarrhea, or other stomach upset
  • Nausea or sickness
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia or poor sleep
  • Elevated heart rate…

….I mean, it’s a hit of coffee! You can expect the same symptoms really as if you drink a lot of coffee so if you’re not used to coffee, you should build up your supplement intake slowly.

Is Green Coffee Bean Suitable for Everyone?

At the moment, only a handful of studies have been undertaken, and therefore there is not enough information to state with clarity who should and who shouldn’t supplement their diet with Green Coffee Bean. However, WebMD – which usually errs on the side of caution – recommends that people with the following medical issues should use caution or consult their physician:

  • Anxiety disorders; caffeine may aggravate these disorders and I read of one woman who was bipolar and felt worse on taking GCB
  • Bleeding disorders; there is “some concern” that GCB may exacerbate bleeding disorders like haemophilia
  • Diabetes; research suggests that green coffee beans may affect the blood sugar levels by either increasing or decreasing the levels. Use with caution and monitor your blood sugar levels carefully if supplementing with GCB
  • IBS; caffeine can make irritable bowel syndrome or diarrhoea symptoms worse
  • Glaucoma; some users have experienced eye problems when taking GCB, as caffeine can increase the pressure in the eye. Avoid if you have glaucoma
  • High blood pressure or hypertension; for those that don’t regularly consume much caffeine, the caffeine in GCB could increase blood pressure
  • Osteoporosis; sufferers may aggravate their condition with too much caffeine, which can cause calcium to be flushed out of the bones
  • Pregnant, trying to conceive and nursing; as with any caffeine products, these women should avoid using GCB for optimum reproductive and maternal health

As with any supplement, it makes sense to consult your physician first. And (I’ve said it a hundred times and will continue to do so!!!!) ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you have any adverse effects with GCB or any medicine or supplement, stop or reduce your intake. What is right for one person may not be right for you, even if it is natural.

Thanks for reading this article on Green Coffee Bean and the side effects, I hope you’ve found it useful. Got a story to share? Please add it below! All the best, Michelle.

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