Green Coffee Bean: A Review Of The Benefits

Hi! If you haven’t heard the buzz around green coffee bean (GCB) extract, or antioxidant, you must have been on holiday in a quiet place for a very long time! Since their discovery and subsequent promotion on the Dr Oz show, we’ve been going mad for these little beans, envisaging what we’ll do when we’re the weight we’ve always wanted to be!

So just what are the weight loss benefits of green coffee beans, and are there any other benefits? For sure! I’ve been looking at GCBs for a while now, you may have read some of my other articles such as the Side Effects of Green Coffee Beans, and Where to Buy & What to Look For, so now I want to outline to you exactly why you should put these on your shopping list!

First and foremost: the weight loss benefits

I mean, that’s why we’ve gone so mad for them, right? We all want to lose those stubborn pounds, particularly if we don’t have to change our diet or lifestyle so much! So just what weight loss benefits does GCB extract offer?

  • green coffee graphProven weight loss; in a study in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity, 16 subjects were given either a placebo, 750mg daily or 1050mg daily for several weeks, then given a break, then resumed the study with a different amount or placebo, another break and then the final trial. The results were outstanding;
    • When taking the placebo, subjects lost between 0 and 1 kg
    • When taking the low dosage (750mg daily) subjects lost between 2 and 3kg
    • When taking the high dosage (1050mg daily) subjects lost around 8kg (see graph)
  • Overall, subjects lost an average of 18lb, or 10% of their body weight over the 22 weeks
  • Proven weight loss #2; when participants took 400mg 3 times a day on the Dr Oz show for just two weeks, those taking the supplement lost twice as much weight as those on the placebo. OK, we’re only talking about 2lb vs 1lb but still, it was in just 2 weeks so if this was continued for 22 weeks, this could lead to up to 22lb of weight loss

Other health benefits because of course, it’s not all about weight loss…

  • Key ingredient of GCB, chlorogenic acid, could help lower blood sugar levels; just one 400mg capsule before food can help reduce blood sugar spikes by 32%[1]
  • Chlorogenic acid helps the body dispose of fat efficiently and quickly
  • GCB could help reduce blood pressure, according to one study using animals and several tests on humans with mild hypertension
  • Reduced blood pressure can lead to improved energy, mental clarity, hormone function and detoxification capabilities
  • Lower weight can help reduce instances of Type 2 Diabetes[2]
  • Huge antioxidant properties; 2500 on a scale where an orange is 3 and blueberries 10[3], to help fight free radicals in the body
  • Increased energy through caffeine consumption
  • Increased concentration and focus through caffeine consumption, this fun infogram shows just when to have coffee during the day to perform optimally (and when to have a beer!)

So it’s not just weight loss that you can benefit from, there are benefits abound! And whilst the research is still relatively young, the pointers are that these natural beans could help you in a ton of ways. Try them for yourself, once you’ve read my Green Coffee Beans and Contraindications article to make sure that you are able to safely take them.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this article on the benefits of Green Coffee Beans. If you’ve experienced an unexpected benefit, please share your story below! Best wishes, Michelle.

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