Green Coffee Bean: Just How Does It Work As a Weight Loss Aid?

Hi! By now I think we’re all well aware of the new supplement Green Coffee Bean extract, after its feature slot on the Dr Oz show, and we’ve been buying up a dazzling array of these supplements in our thousands.

This is the latest article in my Green Coffee Bean series; you may have already read my extended Green Coffee Bean review and started researching yourself whether you could expect any side effects when taking green coffee bean extract, and this article is focused on the phenomena behind green coffee beans: just how do they work?

What are Green Coffee Beans?

Just a quick recap! Green coffee beans are coffee beans in their natural state before they’ve been roasted and ground into our daily fix! In their natural state, they contain an enormous amount of chlorogenic acid, a natural chemical compound which is noted for its weight loss power.

What is chlorogenic acid?

The chlorogenic acid compound, or antioxidant, may help slow the release of glucose into the blood stream after eating[1]. A common trading name is Svetol, and it can be found as a food additive in coffee, gum and mint candies. It may also have hypertensive, or blood pressure reducing, qualities, according to an article written in 2005[2] looking at both studies on humans and rats.

Why are Green Coffee Beans causing such a stir in the diet industry?

This high proportion of chlorogenic acid helps weight loss in two ways:

  1. Firstly, it inhibits the release of sugar into the bloodstream, which means that it’s harder for the body to create and store fat, and
  2. Secondly, it increases the fat burning abilities of the liver, targeting our excess fat stores so that we burn our existing fat off faster

Essentially, it increases the liver’s metabolism abilities, which helps us keep our weight under control. The liver is an essential part of our functioning, and Green Coffee Bean helps our liver to work more efficiently.

For more information, this video is really helpful!

But not all Green Coffee Bean extract is the same, read my article on Where To Buy and What To Look for if you’re ready to make your purchase. Until next time, all the best, Michelle.

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